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Help The ProEquality Project Become a 501(c)(3)

We are a quarter of the way there. Only 23 days left.

As you may know, we have started a campaign so that we can raise funds to get tax-exempt status from the IRS. We first talked about it here. Doing so will allow us to apply for grants and allow for tax deductible donation to the org. I know times are tough right now, and even $5 might be too much to donate, but even if you cannot donate, please spread the word about our organization. Our organization very young and we are hoping to get the word out. We just had a successful weekend at GeekGirlCon and are planing some other great events in the near future.

To donate to our campaign, or to spread the word, just go to:
www.indiegogo.com/weareawesome. There are some great items that we will be giving away for donations. Zines, anti-patriarchy posters remixed from from old propaganda that I designed, etc etc. Please give it a look!

And please invite all your friends! It only takes a second and you are doing it for a good cause!



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