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Building Owners Donate $20,000 to Anti-Gay Marriage Group

The Stranger is reporting that an owner of a Capitol Hill apartment complex has donated over $20k to an anti-gay marriage group following the denial of a pro-gay marriage fundraiser in the building’s atrium. Here’s an excerpt:

Breier-Scheetz Properties owns nine residential buildings on Capitol Hill, all within easy walking distance of Washington United for Marriage headquarters. They are:

· The Hillsborough Condominiums, 740 Bellevue Ave E
· Lenawee Apartments, 1629 Harvard Ave
· Terrace Crest Apartments, 517 9th Ave
· The New McDermott Apartments, 1514 Bellevue Ave
· Mission Inn Apartments, 1743 Boylston Ave
· The Granada Apartments, 1736 Belmont Ave
· Corinthian Apartments, 1705 Summit Ave
· Second and Pine Apartments, 211 Pine St
· And a duplex on Howell Street located at 604 E Howell St

April and Allen are now hunting for a new apartment. While they acknowledge that it’s not practical for every gay-marriage supporter who pays rent to the company to follow suit, they hope that a few tenants, at least, will feel motivated to throw pro-marriage-equality fundraisers in their buildings.

Read the full story here.



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