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The Kraken: All Hands Lost

Sometimes it gets hard to be in Seattle in the deep winter months. Rain soaked nights that are pitch black before you even leave work. Sometimes, the only thing you have to look forward to is walking in to your favorite dive bar, grabbing a whiskey, and getting sweaty with fifty of your closest friends. These days, the place where we can go rock out is the Kraken. And we do not want that to change.

If you have ever been to one of our 21+ benefit shows, then you have been to the Kraken. It is a group of awesome folks doing good for the music community in the form of a venue, bar, and awesome place to play pinball. In effort to say thank you, Ryan Koreski of The Damage Done and Jefferson Death Star has released a digital benefit compilation featuring some of the best punk bands in Seattle. Please go check it out here and give it a listen. Then buy it!


From Ryan:

The Kraken is, hands down, the best bar in Seattle. Over the years (both as the Kraken and it’s previous incarnation, The Galway arms) it has hosted some of the world’s greatest punk-rock-metal-thrash-loud-grind-spaz-hardcore-lovepunk-noise acts. This is volume 1 of a compilation series featuring just a few of those fine musical groups. All proceeds go to The Kraken. Here’s a little taste of some of the booze and rain soaked loudness brought to you by the fine family at 5257 University way NE, Seattle WA 98105. Stop in any time for a tasty burger, a stiff drink, and some ear-drum ruptures. Thanks for listening!!!!xoxo!!!!


– Cameron



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