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Lauren Rankin (@laurenarankin) on Men in Feminism

Last week, feminist activist and freelance writer Lauren Ranken wrote a wonderful piece on the role that men can play in Feminism. People consistently mischaracterize what Feminism is, so her piece begins with a definition for those not in the know:

Feminism is a movement to eradicate gendered oppression, to highlight women’s voices and experiences, and to challenge restrictive and constructed gender norms. It challenges male dominance and privilege, and, at its best, challenges white, heteronormative, and cisgender privileges, as well.

From there, she goes on to discuss how men can fit within the Feminist movement, using amazing vegan feminist Jamie Kilstein as an example. In her words:

The feminist movement needs male allies, but we need male allies who listen, who trust us, who support us. We need male feminist allies who will challenge their friends and male social circles, who will defend us without sidelining us, and who will continue to call out sexism when they see it.

Read the full article here.



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