Emily Hiraki
After studying Non-Profit Leadership at Seattle University, Emily went on to take part in the Disney College Program, working in the Disney Community in Anaheim, California. Emily had a feminist awakening through the words and art of women who were brave enough to put their thoughts and feelings out into the world, and think it is important that everyone be able to feel safe and express themselves.


Sonya Salehnia
Sonya is a science advocate, an eco-tech/alternative energy junkie with some coding and ARC GIS mapping skills who’s originally from the midwest, but now resides in Washington state. She received a B.S. degree in Environmental Science (with an emphasis on Botany and Chemistry) from The Evergreen State College. A feminist since high school, she believes in supporting other girls to help achieve equality, respect, and dignity.


Cameron Collins

Cameron is an attorney, law professor, activist, photographer, podcaster, and film producer. He had 11 years of a Jesuit social justice education, which instilled him with a sense of conscience, community, and leadership. He views the founding of ProEQ as fulfillment of the social contract. He has been successful because society provided him the opportunity and, thus, it is important for him to give back in a way that can help others achieve their own dreams. He sees ProEQ as a means to provide a connection between individuals and those orgs that can help them.



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